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Door Entry Systems in London

Door entry systems (entrance phone systems) are one of London’s several specialties. When it draws closer to single-door audio entry systems or multi-building doorkeeper forbidden systems, we can intend, install, service, and mend a broad variety of options from all of the chief manufacturers. Our door entry systems London offer the most comprehensible edge for visitors and end-users, making it simple to find out how to use the system for best security. We can even customise a system to rally your requirements. For instance, we can give extra handsets or extension handsets mounted on a desk or board. We can also present singular hooks for those with controlled mobility. We work all over London, but are local to Twickenham, Hounslow, Walton-on-Thames, Shepperton, Hersham, Weybridge, Esher, Hampton and West London.

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Our Services

  • Audio, video, and digital systems

  • Wired and wireless systems

  • Computer-based systems

  • DDA-compliant systems

  • Stand-alone systems

  • Vandal-resistant door panels and handsets

  • Custom panels in different finishes

  • Installation, rental, repair, and maintenance services

Permit voice or video substantiation with a door entry system:

How London is a leading installer and safeguarding supplier, serving businesses across London fortify their buildings with door entry and way in control solutions, in adding together to alarm systems.

Our trusted experts go all-out to make available eventual peace of mind by enabling full control over the engagements and operations of your business with a series of security products. Key fob door entry systems and video door entry systems are extensively used, predominantly in blocks of flats, allowing occupants to validate the person attempting to go into the building before permitting them to do so.  


  • You have a block of flats which entail a door entry system London to watchful occupants when they have a visitor so they may agree to or decline access to the building.

  • You have a huge building with assorted tenants/companies with a shared way in, which requires a viable key fob door entry system or a commercial video door entry system to inform the applicable area that a visitor would like consent to come in.

  • Your business or commercial building is very big or includes lots of segmented areas, e.g. a warehouse or industrial unit, and you would like to allow remote access permissions at the front doorway(s).

How we can help you

We pride ourselves on openhanded customer service that is next to none and when you call us you will be instantly linked to one of our welcoming and polite members of employees. With a video entry phone system, or with CCTV, it is even easier, the populace does not even want to speak to the visitor, on hearing the doorbell, a glimpse at a video supervise will make known the identity of the visitor.

We present an absolute array of door entry systems counting an imposing range of audio and video door entry telephones incorporating the features and functions demanded by the mounting door entry systems market. Our lineup is here to lend a hand to you with the exact solution for the install. We are here to give you the best guidance on all of our door entry systems products, why not give us a call now and see how we can assist.


This SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) official approval demonstrates that How London is autonomously audited by the foremost guarantee body for security system services. By choosing us to install and/or sustain your commercial interloper alarm system, you are trusting knowledgeable specialists who will give you a trustworthy security solution. 

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