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TV Aerial installation London

Services include Sky rectification/ realigning of satellite dishes or upgrading  LNB to Sky hybrid LNB which will allow for an upgrade to Sky Q box  installation to be carried   


Installation of foreign satellite dishes including Hot Bed and Astra which will give you international channels. 


Installation of 60" dish with multi-switch which allows for multi room or apartments to have satellite feeds.


Digital aerials, installation and rectification of digital aerial which allows for Freeview

How London TV Aerial installation London company is a family-run business with excellent customer service at the heart of our process, is the leading value instilled in all of our team members from the instant they bond us.  We have the trustworthiness of loads of years' experience in the audio-visual industry and an administrative squad with even longer know-how.  Rest guaranteed, all of our installations assemble and uncompromisable high standards. No matter what kind of building you have and at what height you want your aerial installed, we have it covered. Our aerial installers will come to your home or office and give you an absolute installation service at a huge price. We work all over London, but are local to Twickenham, Hounslow, Walton-on-Thames, Shepperton, Hersham, Weybridge, Esher, Hampton and West London.

We are local experts in East London and glad to help with any aerial installation project, despite level or involvedness.  This includes domestic installations to remedy conflicting TV signal right up to large commercial projects requiring numerous How London team members at once. For us, customer service is as regards doing all possible to honour the personalized needs of every customer.  We're not happy until you are this applies to:

  • Aerial installation

  • Aerial repair

  • Satellite installation

  • Internet and TV signal fixes

  • Commercial installation

Our TV Installation Engineers

Our engineers are all knowledgeable Aerial & Satellite professionals skilled above industry standards to make sure the uppermost level of service and proficiency. We are the trusted experts within our sector and give continuing support and detached advice to all potential customers. With the upraise of the digital age, we comprehend that new TV technologies can regularly be intimidating and perplexing. Therefore, it is our main concern to ensure that you have the information to make overt and well-versed decisions. With our squad of local engineers, we present same-day TV aerial installations or a rendezvous that is appropriate for you.

At How London TV Aerial Installation London, we are flexible and reliable to make sure a smooth, obliging installation.  How London is an objective market-leading TV Aerial Installation Company, offering specialised priceless TV aerial and satellite services. We offer practical, gainful, competent installation services to the public and private sectors. We give these services all through London.

TV Wall Mounting

At How London, we give a proficient TV wall mounting service, wall mounted for any size TV, every size bracket, and all set for installation now. Our expert TV wall mounting installers will boast your TV looking tremendous in no time. Our fitters can provide a host of dissimilar installation choices and a qualified installation of your TV that will alter the look of your home. To get the very finest from your innovative flat-screen TV, permit our fitters to supply, fit, and install a fresh bracket to your wall to mount your TV. Our installers take a broad range of TV wall brackets. Whether you desire to fasten your television in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom or the chief screening lounge, we can achieve this for you.

Maintenance and Repairs

In combination with TV Aerial installer London, we present maintenance and upkeep to any obtainable systems in London. Our chosen group of engineers and fitters are accessible nearby each day to install further points, get on commercial installations, and assorted other services you may want. With TV Aerial Installation London years of experience, our aerial fitters also assume general training programs to make sure and maintain a far above the ground level of skills relevant to the lively digital industry. You can thus be convinced that How London can take on any satellite difficulty you occur, with our squad at the prepared and competent of fixing any problem rapidly and dependably. Please tome a scheduled time for TV Aerial Installer with one of our engineers now, or for gratis suggestion call us.

Our knowledgeable Satellite installers have been fitting and repairing outstanding satellite systems since before the detection of Sky and follow-on in lots of years of experience in dealing with assorted aerial & satellite services. We comprehend digital technologies, with our fortitude standing as a testimony alone of proof to our outstanding services and high customer services. Our TV Aerial Installer London is more than pleased to assist with any Aerial & Satellite concern, phone us today to talk about in more depth.

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