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Security Alarm System

An electronic alarm is a low-tension electrical device with sensing elements on entry doors associated with windows. Once a door or window is opened, its sensor detects the interruption within the electricity flow and offers an alert in siren form. Several systems additionally embrace motion detectors that monitor giant areas. Once there is an intruder in the range, a sensor sounds the siren. The best motion detectors can distinguish between the threat of an entrant and the pet's wanderings that reduce false alarms' chances. If these sensors and motion detectors are a part of a stand-alone system, the siren, and flashing lights are the sole deterrents for stoping a burglar. In a monitored system, operators at the system additionally send a message to the police. These alarms are used to detect Unwanted motion Sound, Heat, Fire, Glass breakage, Carbon monoxide, Intruders trying to enter from walls or roof, etc. Security alarms protect a particular area or an object against intruders and notify the owner about the protected zone's violation. Every design is installed according to the demands of the owner. Security is an essential factor in our lives, whether physical or computer security, But nowadays, computer or digital security is considered a smart idea.

There are varieties of Security Alarms, but all of them are made for the sole purpose of keeping burglars away. Some elements and components of the alarm system are:

  • Sensors

  • Alarm control unit

  • Keypads, touch panels

  • Wireless controllers

  • GMS notification modules

  • Signalling device

  • Input-output modules

Importance of Alarm System

  • The sound of alarm keeps thieves away from your property.

  • It gives you an early warning in case of any fire and protects you.

  • It prevents the loss of valuables.

  • Security alarms provide you with peace of mind

  • Security alarms have many features due to modern technology. It can also help you save your energy consumptions by turning off unwanted utilities.

  • You can easily watch your whole house by sitting in one room.

  • Prevent criminals from entering secure areas. So you can live comfortably with your family and be tension free even if you are away from home.

There are some basic principles of security. First is to improve the security system you have installed to slow the criminal down from reaching the protected zone. You must know that criminals are trying to break in. The first purpose of installing a security system is to stay alert then You must have a response, and digital security systems make that easy for you by automatically alerting authorities to you. The final and most important principle is that your security must be layered. You should not depend on only one thing. For example, CCTV can show you that some unknown faces can not do anything else than you require an alarm to alert everyone

What are Sensors:

Sensors are for the detection of sound and movement. They are connected to a circuit as it detects any unwanted movement and sounds. It transfers signals to the course, which results in a buzzing voice.

Types of Sensors:

  1. Motion detectors:

  • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor

  • Micro-Wave (MW) sensors

  • Dual sensors (PIR+MW)

  1. Peripheral sensors

  2. Ultrasonic detectors

  3. Infrasound detectors

  4. Microwave detectors

  5. Compact surveillance radar

  6. Photoelectric beam

  7. Glass-break detection

  8. Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors

  9. Driveway alarms

Security alarm measure plays a significant role. Some essential security alarm measures are the following:

  • Alarm sensors have to alert you before the entry of intruders, not after they have entered.

  • The selection of the correct alarm sensor is essential. There are many alarm sensors for different purposes, and the choice of the wrong alarm can affect your security measures.

  • The position of alarm sensors plays a vital role. The alarm has to be installed in an area that you are protecting.

  • Testing the security alarm system after installing it is necessary to ensure that the system works correctly without any fault.

  • Monitory should also be profitable. An alarm is of no use when no one is responding.

  • Protection of phone lines to inform the police on time.

  • Backup security is also necessary, as the transmission method.

Some transmission methods are:

1. Cellular backup system

2. Radio signalling system

3. Signals through the internet connection (IP)

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